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 What do we mean by "Christian clan?"

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PostSubject: What do we mean by "Christian clan?"   Wed May 11, 2011 9:03 pm

This post will hopefully clarify our mission and help define us as a clan.

The Immortals is a Christian clan, meaning it was founded by Christians, and adheres to Christian conduct (No, I don't mean whatever kind of nonsense you read about the Crusaders doing, or whatever horrible thing you saw some other Christian doing on the news). By Christian conduct I mean, in the most real sense possible, the conduct that Jesus Christ would expect of us. The kind of love and gentleness that Jesus Himself showed when He said that all who labor and are heavy-laden (i.e. tired and beaten down) can find rest in Him. Jesus didn't just invite Christians to experience His love. He invited everyone. Remember, there was once a time when you weren't a Christian (if you are). Jesus never treated you like a second class citizen, nor would He expect us to treat every person with anything less than total humility and respect.

The Immortals is, ideally, a place where people can find rest. Say what you will about Christians, Jesus had his act together. There is very little that is disagreeable about being asked not to swear, insult one another, or be unkind or divisive, when it comes with the comfort of knowing that the people around you are going to encourage you, be kind to you, use words that will lift you up instead of tearing you down and dragging your vocabulary down as well.

League of Legends is a hotbed for frustration, stress, and anger. The Internet is a place of dissociation, cruelty, and inhumanity. But not every interaction needs to be like that. If you are Christian, if you are not, feel free to enjoy the kind of freedom and peace that Jesus offered when he challenged us all to treat one another as we would like to be treated. Yes, this comes at a price: sometimes you have to overcome your own impulse to treat someone as an object, as an animal, as someone lower than yourself. But these impulses do not set you free. They draw you deeper into yourself and cut you off from humanity instead of allowing you to grow and challenge yourself.

So whether you are a Christian or not, give Jesus' way a try.

Another note: this clan is non-denominational. As in, it is affiliated with or loyal to no denomination whatsoever. If you are Catholic, welcome. If you are Methodist, welcome.

If you have issues (even severe, doctrinal, core issues) with Catholics, or Mormons, or Protestants, or any other group, this is not the place to argue these things. We don't have the manpower or resources to moderate a forum full of lengthy doctrinal or religious debates. The clan leaders have very strong beliefs on the authority of Scripture, but we understand that there is a yearning in the League of Legends player base for a place where you can play and talk and people will be kind to you and not fight with you.

If your issues with someone's beliefs are so deep seated that you can't let them go, talk to an Officer, or better yet, pray (the Officer will probably pray with you anyway). The other person deserves their downtime as much as you, and probably didn't sign on to get a lashing over their belief system.

Now for those of you, if any, who don't identify as Christian at all, pay attention to the following:

We will have Bible studies. We will be praying on Vent. We will be talking about Jesus. You are not obligated to do any of these things or pretend to believe anything you don't. You are, of course, allowed to openly profess any beliefs you have, so long as debates and arguments are not the goal. If you're here, it shouldn't be to argue or be rude. Same goes for Christians. This is not a place to bash anyone. If you have a problem curbing your hatred for any group, this is probably not the place for you. But if you want rest, if you want a break from being verbally abused or if you want a break from filthy language or unkindness. If you want to rest knowing that your team has your back, instead of knowing that your team is just waiting for you to mess up so they can blame you for any problems in the game...

Then welcome to The Immortals, a Christian League of Legends clan.
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What do we mean by "Christian clan?"
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