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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Wed May 11, 2011 8:13 pm

Below are the clan rules from The Immortals website. The following standards apply to in-game, Ventrilo, chat, and forum interactions:

The following rules can be difficult for some depending on their temperament and gifts, so above all, we must remember to be patient and encouraging to any player who is earnestly trying to be more like Christ. Sometimes League of Legends and other games like it can be a crucible for self-control, so if you slip up in one of these areas, don't panic. Just be clear that we want to grow together and rid ourselves of anger, rage, malice, slander, filthy language, etc., so habitual or defiant breach of these rules will not be tolerated.

1) No swearing or inappropriate discussions.

If you are struggling in a certain area and may need to discuss sensitive topics, please make use of one of our private vent channels to discuss and pray about the matter with someone you trust.

2)Treat everyone with respect.

As members of The Immortals, we represent Jesus Christ wherever we go. Whether you are posting on the forums, playing with randoms, or playing with clan mates, keep in mind how your behavior is reflecting on your clan and on your Savior. Before you begin a game, please make sure you can dedicate the time and effort necessary to see it through. Keep your leaves at a minimum, but let us all also keep in mind that real life comes before this game. Don't insult anyone who has to leave the game to take care of personal matters. However, if leaving games becomes habitual or common for you, this clan (or game) may not be the place for you at this time. Rage quitting or afk-ing will result in immediate action, especially in a clan game. The purpose of any clan is to have the backs of the people you're playing with. Abandoning clan mates shows extreme disrespect, and it's not what The Immortals is about. Also, do not insult or blame team mates for a loss, or even for feeding. It can be very frustrating to lose a game, and some players are more skilled than others, but the only sensible and Godly way to help each other is to offer patient advice. By the same token, please thoughtfully consider game play advice given by clan mates.

3) Do not spam Ventrilo or in-game whispers.

As you all know, League of Legends is a very intense game that requires a good deal of multi-tasking and attention. Therefore, please refrain from off-topic discussion in the game rooms on Vent, and please do not try to engage in lengthy whispers with someone who is in game.

4) No clan drama!

Talking disrespectfully about a fellow clan member, to his face or behind his back, is not in the best interest of the clan. If you do not feel you can approach someone who is bothering you privately and respectfully, please contact an Officer for help.

In addition, feel free to refer friends to this clan, but please have them contact Chris or another Officer. It would be best if people would apply for membership before registering and posting in the forums. Also, non-members are not allowed access to our Ventrilo server, unless they are accompanied by a member who will personally vouch for them and ensure that they abide by the clan rules. Do not give out Ventrilo information to non-members if you cannot predict whether or not they will behave respectfully.

Important note: Never post forum, website, chat channel, or Vent info on the public LoL forums or in a public LoL chat. If someone wants to get involved with the group, they can do so by first contacting Chris or another Officer in game or by e-mail. We want to keep the forums and website a safe place to post information without worrying about negative attention.

On that note, there have been a few issues with trolling in the LoL forums and in game chat channel, and while there are no rules set in stone, the following course of action would be the most beneficial to everyone: ignore them. If someone is genuinely searching, of course we should answer their questions, but if they are only interested in insulting us, engaging in an argument does nothing but encourage this person to continue their action. If they get no attention, they will eventually leave.
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Clan Rules
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