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 New training/ learning aid - Please advise if interested

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PostSubject: New training/ learning aid - Please advise if interested   Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:46 pm

G'day all, I have been playing around with a Lol Replay the past couple of weeks and I believe that we can use it to improve our individual and team play. The advantage of Lol replay is that you basically have spectator mode active for the entire game.

You can change camera position from lane to lane as well as camera angle by dragging the view lower than over the shoulder position. You also have slow motion and fast forward capabilities; however there is no rewind function. You must be logged into your Lol client to view the game replays, and as long as the developers remain outside of the client server system then there is no TOS conflict according to Tama.

Here are a couple of sample games I recorded this week.

Cho-Gath download.php?0xq9k9a1bl8ctw2

AP Teemo download.php?5tcvvao25ndyx6o

Malzahar download.php?k6wla7lhhuqiqw1

Please let me know what you think of the add on and whether you see any benefit to using this for our clan.

Gods blessings,

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New training/ learning aid - Please advise if interested
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