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 Ranked Draft - Shamelessly coped from CLGaming/ Elementz

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PostSubject: Ranked Draft - Shamelessly coped from CLGaming/ Elementz   Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:49 pm

Archive File, Very Outdated; The following List is not up to date, a lot of changes have happened in the meatime.-DW

Draft Mode Tier List - YorickThis is MY opinion solely and does not reflect my team’s or any other high level player opinion on high level play. It’s for you to read and discuss for your enjoyment and nothing else.

This is my tier list according to Season 1 Draft Mode / Tournament Play (NOT blind pick MM) I’ve put all the champions I feel are viable on SR and will be picked in competitive play. List goes from left to right, best to worst in each tier.

* Tier 1: Rumble, Ashe, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Corki, Annie, Warwick, Janna, Gangplank, Amumu, Orianna, Anivia, Sona, Swain, Mal’zahar, Alistar, Taric, Soraka

* Tier 2: Vayne, Karthus, Brand, Irelia, Vladimir, Jarvan IV, Gragas, Fiddlesticks, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Nocturne, Nunu, Caitlyn, Cho’Gath, Akali, Lee Sin, Teemo, Zilean, Singed

* Tier 3: Sion, Leblanc, Renekton, Urgot, Lux, Blitzcrank, Xin Zhao, Maokai, Ezreal, Cassiopeia, Ryze, Olaf, Kassadin, Shen, Kennen, Trundle, Udyr, Rammus, Kog’Maw, Morgana, Poppy, Jax

* Tier 4: Tryndamere, Malphite, Garen, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Veigar, Sivir, Kayle, Eve, Pantheon, Heimerdinger, Yi

* Hard to place on a team: Twitch, Shaco, Mundo, Karma, Galio, Katarina, Yorick


Explanations of tiers has been removed because I've gone over 10,000 character count in this post haha. So if you want to see the tiers look at older posts :p

*—–* CHANGE LOG *—–*

Vayne moved down to tier 2 - She got nerfed pretty hard and DH really proved that even though her DPS was pretty ridiculous in solo queue that didn't mean she was the strongest competitive champion in the game. So with realizing that, and her being nerfed. I feel tier 2 suites her a lot better.

Ashe moved up in tier 1 - Arrow's were grossly underestimated by me. When Rumble get's nerfed again (and he will) Ashe will be the top champion pick in the game. Landing a random arrow can give you towers, dragons, and even end the game if you initiate at the right time. Her normal kits good, but her Arrow's are what makes her so strong competitively.

Mal'zahar moved down in tier 1 - He got nerfed a bit, so he's moving down a bit.

Taric moved up to tier 1 - Should of never moved him down in the first place. Derp.

Vladimir moved down to tier 2 - He got nerfed a bit, so he's moving down a bit. + I didn't think he was really a tier 1 worthy champion in DH. Don't get me wrong he's good, just not tier 1 anymore.

Orianna moved up to tier 1 - Supports with her ball like a maniac, lane control is crazy, poke is nuts, burst is INSANE! How many more stupid words can I add in to tell you guys how good she is? She's very hard to use and fully understand but when you do you'll realize just how great she can be. She's all around strong. As far as AP carries goes she has literally every aspect you'd need on one on her.

Nunu moved down to tier 2 - Those nerfs hit him hard I believe. His early game jungling / counter jungling got hit pretty hard and his early game ganks have been hit hard as well. So because of that I am moving him down, otherwise without these nerfs I would of been moving him up.

Urgot moved down to tier 3 - Don't feel he's tier 2 material anymore.

Irelia moved up in tier 2 - Feel like I had her a bit too low. She might be tier 1 worthy but I feel tier 2 really is "her" at the moment if that makes sense haha.

Warwick moved up to tier 1 - F you guys. I read the forums "OH MY GOD ELEMENTZ WW IS NOT TIER 1, HOW STUPID IS YOUR LIST, GOD ELEMENTZ IS SUCH A NOOB" Well fuck the haters, ya'll no fuck all bout league ya hurr? But fo realz, WW shouldn't of been dropped down from tier 1 like I did. I listened to the community on this one when I shouldn't have.
Lanewick is pretty damn strong right now too, it's really hard to push him out of the lane, he just sits and farms and gets tanky. I was planning on moving him back up there as a jungler anyways but Lanewick made the choice real easy.

Rumble moved up to tier 1 - 22 bans in DH? 2 games played with 100% win rate with him? Laning's really strong, but his ultimate is just so incredibly powerful. If you combo it will spells it does STUPID DAMAGE!

Now for everyone who was saying "zomg tier 3 before DH you're a noob!" No one plays Rumble on NA side, I sucked with him when I played him, I have only seen like 2-3 good ones ever in my games, so it was hard for me to really judge him. Now that we had a tournament and I talked to some EU guys it's clear I had him placed wrong and since that experience he's now placed correctly I can't always get it right 100% of the times guy, but I'll try my best

Gragas moved up to tier 2 - I used to play a lot of AP Gragas when Gragas was hella buffed too. I crushed people with him all day long. One day I had an argument with Chauster "this was like 9-10 months ago" and he convinced me AP Gragas was shit in competitive play so I honestly since then didn't even consider it. His AP burst is really strong, but he can't be your only AP carry is the thing.

Since the meta change with AD's bottom opposed to AD's taking a Solo lane AP Gragas + another AP carry is amazing. He adds a lot to the team with that style of play. With the old NA meta AP Gragas wasn't that great. EU meta style he's viable. So he did go under my radar for far too long, but it's clear he's a viable choice. Just can't be your only AP carry because his burst is too far and few between, but when combo'ed with other spells, it's awesome!

Ryze moved down to tier 3 - Feel like other casters are out classing him is all. So he's moving down accordingly.

Brand moved up to tier 2 - Brand proved himself at DH. He deserved a higher tier. This is why I love tournament play because it shows me about the game!

Teemo moved up to tier 2 - Felt he was a bit too low.

Xin Zhao moved down to tier 3 - Got nerfed again, and there are just better tanky DPS choices and better DPS junglers to choose from.

Shen moved down to tier 3 - Shen just doesn't feel that great anymore. He got slight nerfs a few patchs ago along with the meta change and he just really feels less and less viable every game. Like Xin there's better tanks for his role and there's better duo and solo lane choices over Shen.

Olaf moved down to tier 3 - It's not that Olaf got changed or anything I just feel he's a situational jungler with his ultimate opposed to being so awesome that he should be picked all the time. He's good, just not that good

Trundle moved down to tier 3 - ^ It's not that Trundle got changed or anything I just feel he's a situational jungler with his skillset opposed to being so awesome that he should be picked all the time. He's good, just not that good

Tristana moved up to tier 2 - Would of never thought she would be such a great bottom lane champion. I always knew she was a great solo lane champion but for some reason it never crossed my mind that her in the bot lane can absolutely dominate. Her early DPS is sick for an AD carry and her burst is high. Combo'ed with a support bot and you got yourself a deadly combo.

Akali moved up to tier 2 - Felt she wasn't a tier 3 champ. Tier 2 feels better for her.

Gangplank moved up to tier 1 - With his new changes his passive does a crap load of damage, giving him a free Phange/Frozen Mallet, making him a very strong jungler. Press E, Slow with Q, auto, auto, permaslowed in lane + awesome DPS. Also with his new passive and his new E he clears jungle INCREDIBLY fast. His jungling is very strong right now.

Along with a strong jungle his laning is also very strong. Get and Exe Calling and you sustain yourself / harass people in lane and keeping them pushed out / low the whole time. He's overall a very strong tanky/dps this patch. I wouldn't be suprised if he gets nerfed.

Fiddlesticks moved up to tier 2 - Those buffs + Fiddle kinda going unnoticed for a while makes a champion pop out, out of no where. So Fiddles is pretty damn good right now. Drain hits like a truck, he's got a lot of CC, and his damage / channel time on his ulti got buffed. He's really only viable as a jungler right now as his laning is pretty awful (except vs some champs "HE RAPES MELEE IN LANE!" haha) but as a jungler he's very powerful and he kinda popped up out of no where. Went unnoticed and now getting some reckonition.


Yorick has been placed into hard to place - Awful. I really don't want to say more but I will. He has no ultimate. Literally it's so bad it's not even worth doing anything with. His Q,W,E aren't bad but they're underwhelming. Without a doubt WORST CHAMPION IN THE GAME and Riot needs to really fix him.


Again enjoy the read,

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PostSubject: Re: Ranked Draft - Shamelessly coped from CLGaming/ Elementz   Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:07 pm

Elementz's tier lists are always an interesting read, as is his "meta-talks" videos where he discusses the latest buffs/nerfs/changes in each patch and how it changes not just the champs affected but the game as a whole. He really makes some good points. Glad to see other people pay attention as well.
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Ranked Draft - Shamelessly coped from CLGaming/ Elementz
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